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WinSock MUD/MUCK Client
by Timothy Fay

Last Updated: 1 May 2000

Welcome to MUDSOCK, a MUD/MUCK WinSock client for WindowsTM. MUDSOCK works like a Telnet program only with enhancements that make MUD-ding a little easier.

To install MUDSOCK, just download the file MS101.ZIP (see below). Un-ZIP this file (using WinZip or some similar utility) into a temporary directory on your hard disk or onto a floppy disk. Then run the SETUP.EXE program you will find in that temporary directory or floppy disk. The SETUP program will then install MUDSOCK for you. Be sure to read the README.TXT and the WHATSNEW.TXT files after you download and run the setup program. If you need any additional help, just let me know and I'll be happy to assist in any way that I can.

I hope that you'll find MUDSOCK useful. It has been tested under Windows 3.1, Windows for Workgroups, Windows NT and Windows 95. However, if you should spot any bugs please let me know right away. Also, I welcome any and all suggestions and ideas you might have to improve the program. Please e-mail any comments to me.

Thanks for giving MUDSOCK a try! I hope to hear from you soon.


    INFO For more information about MUDSOCK/MUDCOMM.

    MUDSOCK To Download a copy of MUDSOCK 1.01.

      Last Updated: 22 June 98

    BAREBONES To Download the MUDSOCK 1.01 "BARE-BONES" archive.

      Use this if you want to install the program without the Setup Wizard (Windows/NT users will need to download this file). You'll have to create your own folder and shortcut.

    MSKUTIL To Download a copy of MSKUTIL.ZIP.

      (Download this file if you need a copy of either VBRUN300.DLL or CMDIALOG.VBX. These files are needed to run MUDSOCK and are probably already installed on your computer. If not, then click here and un-ZIP MSKUTIL.ZIP into your \WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory.)

    MUDCOMM To Download a copy of MUDCOMM.

New for MudSock 1.01:

  • Output box now displays 8-bit ASCII characters (for foreign language support).
  • Improved Browser interaction.

New for MudSock 1.0:

  • Double-click on a Universal Resource Link (or URL; e.g., http://, telnet://) in the "Output" box and MudSock will launch your default browser and connect to that URL.

  • On-line Help via the World-Wide Web (coming soon).

  • Contents of the "Output" box can be saved to log file.

  • MUDSOCK now remembers your button-bar selections (View Command and View Macro from the Main Menu).

  • In addition to changing the icon color, MUDSOCK now adds ">>" to the application title bar when text is received while the program is minimized (for Windows 95 users).


MUDCOMM is an older program, similar to MUDSOCK. It also runs under WindowsTM, but it uses a standard modem connection instead of a SLIP/PPP/Network connection. Use this only if you don't have dial-up access to a SLIP/PPP server. I don't currently support MUDCOMM development, and it is different in many ways from MUDSOCK (and probably has more bugs in it). If there is enough interest I may update MUDCOMM. Otherwise I reccomend that you get a SLIP connection and go with MUDSOCK.

All material on this page copyright © Timothy Fay, unless otherwise indicated.

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