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A View Into Creativity - With your host: Timothy Fay.


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RooCam LIVE!

This site will give you a look into my version of the creative process. When online, you'll see a live video stream of my workstation desktop, providing an ongoing look at works in progress as they develop!

RooCam LIVE! can be viewed on Picarto.tv.

If you see a test pattern then RooCam is offline. Check the RooCam LIVE! schedule, below, for details!


RooToo is our Alternate Programming Channel, for cartoons, video and other content.
Current RooToo PLAYLIST. Weekly RooToo SCHEDULE.

RooCam LIVE! Chatroom

You can access the RooCam LIVE! chatroom via the web interface, above. However, the chat feature works best with an IRC client like mIRC or, my favorite, Chatzilla. Connect your preferred IRC client to irc.wtower.com and go to channel #roocam-2. Or, if your browser supports it, use this link: irc://irc.wtower.com/roocam-2

Roobot and DJ-P0n3

The RooCam LIVE! chatroom features our two chat-bots, Roobot and DJ-P0n3! You can chat with Roobot by using his name, e.g., "Hello, Roobot!" or "Roobot, what time is it?" DJ-P0n3 usually shows up when I'm hosting a live art-stream. She plays random tunes from her database of over 6500 songs. You can search her song list and make requests, ex: "DJ-P0n3 search Beatles" or "DJ-P0n3 play Yellow Submarine". For more info on making song requests, check out this Tutorial. For a complete list of available songs, check out DJ-P0n3's MP3 Database.

RooCam LIVE! and all images presented here are copyright © 1996-2024 by Timothy Fay, and may not be distributed or reproduced without permission. Thanks!

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